• The Rappaport Prize for Israeli Artists

    Each year, grants are awarded to one established Israeli artist and one young Israeli artist, both of whom must live and work in Israel. The purpose of this Prize is to encourage young artists to inject contemporary art with innovative ideas and entice the Israeli public to explore Israel's creative potential.The grants, valued at $70,000 and $30,000, respectively, are awarded with the objective that half be used to finance a solo exhibition for each artist. 

  • The Rappaport Prize for Biomedical Research

    The Rappaport Prize for Excellence in the Field of Biomedical Research is awarded annually to scientists for outstanding, groundbreaking or innovative research, which can potentially advance the health of humankind and benefit people worldwide. In addition, the research must result in real and applicable therapeutic implications for human welfare.

  • The Rappaport Prize for Women Generating Change in Israeli Society

    In 2013, the Bruce and Ruth Rappaport Foundation, together with 'La'Isha' women's magazine, initiated The Rappaport Prize for Woman Generating Change in Israeli Society. The Prize is awarded to women who have made exceptional and noteworthy achievements in the public, social, community or economic spheres in Israel.

  • gilyefman

    Prize for a Young Israeli Artist: Gil Yefman

    Gil Yefman (born in Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan in 1979) is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. In his works, personal, mythological, historical and political narratives intersect and are interwoven.

  • michalschwartz

    Prize for Senior Israeli Bio-Medical Researcher: Prof. Michal Schwartz

    Michal Schwartz is a full professor of Neuroimmunology at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Schwartz is one of the world’s leading scientists in her field and was recently elected as president of the International Society of Neuroimmunology.

  • judithreccanati

    Prize for Longstanding Achievement: Judith Yovel Recanati

    Judith Yovel Recanati is a leading entrepreneur and social activist, who is committed to strengthening Israeli society. In 1998, together with the late Dr. Yossi Hadar, Judith Yovel Recanati founded NATAL – the Israel Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War, a non-profit organization...