Prize for Senior Israeli Researcher:
Professor Hagai Bergman


Professor Hagai Bergman of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem was awarded the Rappaport Prize for his groundbreaking contribution to the study of Parkinson's disease and its treatment, through a procedure known as deep brain stimulation. This is a neurological and psychiatric method of treatment based on electrical stimulation and change in activity in the regions of the brain. This method is now the leading treatment that monitors symptoms of Parkinson's disease and other motor disorders associated with the disease, such as tremors, muscle rigidity and difficulty of movement. In addition, deep brain stimulation was found to be effective in treating chronic pain, and further studies have demonstrated its potential for treating the symptoms of other brain disorders as well, including psychiatric disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), depression and schizophrenia. Professor Bergman’s research and discoveries have contributed to a dramatic improvement in the functioning and quality of life of many thousands of patients worldwide.