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Dr. Jacob Hanna from Weizmann Institute, Rappaport laureate for a young bio-medical researcher 2013, published in Science journal his lab ground breaking findings. According to Dr. Hanna " In this study we discovered a critical pathway that allows the stem cell state to turn itself off. This has crucial importance, since embryonic pluripotency is a transient state and it is dangerous if self-renewal is not turned off during development". 
In 2015 Dr. Hanna's lab published another innovative paper in the journal Cell: "For the first time we were able to differentiate human skin derived stem cells into progenitors of human sperm and egg". This paper has been recently selected as “Best of 2015 papers published by Cell” and has received great media coverage.
After being awarded the Rappaport Prize, Dr, Hanna has  become an editorial board member of the following journals:
Stem Cells, by AlphaMed press
Journal of Stem Cell Research and Medicine
Cell Research
Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics
Stem Cell Reviews and Reports
Stem Cell Reports