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First time collaborations between the Rappaport laureates for bio-medical researchers carry huge impact on Science and Medicine.
Dr. Eran Elinav (2015 Rappaport laureate for a young researcher) and Dr. Ido Amit (2016 Rappaport laureate for a young researcher) from Weizmann institute published 2 groundbreaking studies.
In their first study the researchers found some of the mechanisms and genes involve in disrupted fetal immune system development and how it may contribute to later appearance of certain neuro developmental disorders. The study may explain, among other things, how the mother’s infection with the cytomegalovirus (CMV) during pregnancy, affects her and her fetus’s immune system, increases the risk that her offspring will develop autism or schizophrenia, sometimes years later.
In their other study, published in the prestige Cell magazine
By using advanced technologies, the researchers found significant populations of immune cells in the gastrointestinal tract, carry critical importance in protecting against infections from inflammatory diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, are more complex than had been known until today. The teams first characterized 15 new populations of immune cells in the intestine and half of them also are highly affected by existing bacteria in the gut.